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Why are reviews better than testimonials?

In a recent survey, over 90% of respondents said they believe testimonials are not representative of customer sentiment. In the same survey, over 80% reported that they would trust reviews hosted by a third party as providing a good or excellent representation of customer sentiment.

How do bad reviews help my business?

Bad reviews perform two very important functions. 1) They provide credibility for the positive reviews and 2) They give you a terrific opportunity to communicate with your audience of prospective customers.

Why do customers like to write reviews?

When you invite a customer to write a review, you are telling them that you value them as a customer and care about what they think. Inviting a customer to submit a review actually predisposes them to give you positive feedback.

Does Plus membership include email marketing?

Plus is a reputation marketing service that includes a drip email function so that you can schedule emails to be sent to your contacts based on the date you last worked with them. That means that your reminders are specific to each customer. The emails occur automatically so there is no ongoing maintenance. Traditional email marketing services send emails in mass and don’t allow you to calendar ongoing outreach.

Deal sites are usually expensive, how can Customer Lobby afford to give me 100% of revenue?

Customer Lobby is a comprehensive solution and therefore we don’t rely on the deal portion to generate revenue for our own business. The cost of the reminder service and referral service are already included in the low monthly fee.

Can Customer Lobby help me if I don’t already have email contacts for my customers?

Absolutely! Of the many benefits associated with collecting customer reviews is the opportunity to capture customer contact information. We take care of pulling contact information from reviews and adding it to the contacts list we are building for your business. You own your contact information and can download it at any time. We simply build and host it for you.

I have a Facebook page, but have trouble with new content. Can Customer Lobby help?

Of course! In addition to publishing your reviews to hundreds of sites on the web, we push your reviews out to your Facebook and Twitter profiles so that you have timely and relevant content.

What is your privacy policy?

Our policy is simple and effective. We will not sell, rent or trade
your or your customers’ personal information. Period. Read more about
our privacy policy.

Are all reviews published?

Only reviews from actual customers of your business will be published. Through our review management process, you have the opportunity to challenge a review before it is published if you believe it is not a Valid Review.To be published, reviews must meet our definition of a Valid Review. A Valid Review is written by a customer of the business being reviewed and includes none of the following: Obscenities, discriminatory language, or other inappropriate comments (including any comments written in a language other than English) not suitable for this forum; Advertisements, “spam” content, or references to other companies, reviewers, services, products, offers, or web sites; Email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, physical addresses, or other forms of contact information; Reviews that: are not written about an experience a customer had within the last 12 months; have been withdrawn by the reviewer; or that Customer Lobby believes to be untrue; Critical or spiteful comments about other reviews or their authors; Computer viruses, scripts, tags, worms or other potentially damaging computer programs or files; or Comments that may reasonably be considered to be defamatory, libelous, hateful, racially or religiously biased or offensive, unlawfully threatening or unlawfully harassing to any individual, partnership or corporation. In addition, Customer Lobby reserves the right to remove any review at its discretion.

All Valid Reviews are published within 10 days of submission.

I am an extremely busy business owner. How much time is needed on an ongoing basis?

Our service is designed to help you generate more sales in a cost effective, time efficient way. After the initial set up of all of the service elements, which takes about 20 minutes, you can plan on as little as 5 minutes a month in maintenance.

Can Customer Lobby help me even if I am not very internet savvy?

Most of our members don’t have the time to become experts in referral or reputation marketing. In addition to our product being extremely easy to use, we offer unparalleled customer support for no additional fee.

How does Customer Lobby compliment what my SEO and web developer are doing?

Your SEO consultant and web developer are helping to generate traffic to your site. While reviews help with that too, the primary benefits of Customer Lobby membership are more repeat business, more referrals, and more new customers. We help convert more of your internet traffic into actual customers.


What happens next after I sign up?

You will get a confirmation email and wil be contacted by our project manager within 24 hours to get you started. It’s simple and straight forward.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Amercian Express), Paypal as well as check payments or wire transfers for all accounts.

What type of help do you provide in setting me up?

Our dedicated project manager will help setup your feedbackpage and answer any questions you have. We will also be happy to walk you through the entire process so you know exactly what’s happening.

Who is feedbackmagnet not ideal for?

So far, we couldn’t think of any businesses that don’t benefit from online reviews. Reptuation has become one of key to drive high conversions and increase sales.

Who benefits from using Feedbackmagnet?

Any local business who wants increase sales and be ahead of the competition. This works especially well for brick and mortar locations including retail stores, salons, firms as well as mobile based business that services others such as plumbers, duct cleaners and more.

I don’t have any good reviews nor bad reviews. Do I still need feedbackmagnet?

Consumers are getting smart these days. It’s been proven that 89% of consumers double-check a company’s reputation and reviews before spending anything on a service or product. If you do not have any reviews, while your nearby competitors have glowing 5-stars reviews, who do you think your potential customer will approach first? The answer is obvious.

I don’t have any bad reviews. Do I still need feedbackmagnet?
Building a good reputation has always been one of the best investments for any business. The more reviews you have, the better your online reputation is. Not only does it get your happy customers to talk about you online, but the exposure also helps attract new customers.
In addition, keep in mind that you have no control on what’s written on review platforms. Suppose you have 0 reviews, and 1 negative review is left today. Your entire reputation is ruined. Your service will look extremely bad and will scare potential customers away. On the other hand, if you are proactive and have been building up your reviews count; let’s say you have 35 positive reviews, then perhaps 1 negative review wouldn’t look that bad afterall. It will just be a tiny fraction of the overall reviews for your service.
What review sites are most important?

It depends on your industry and type of business. Google+Local and Yelp are most popular for most businesses, but Facebook, and Tripadvisor, Homestars cannot be ignored.

Can you remove negative reviews posted on sites?

No. Our strategy is to be proactive and help encourage customers to leave positive reviews on popular platforms.

Is feedbackmagnet easy to use?

Feedbackmagnet is extremely easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. Our representatives are available 7 days a week and will be happy to assist and guide you through any issues.

How much does feedbackmagnet cost?

Feedbackmagnet is effective and affordable. Please contact us for more info.

How can I join feedbackmagnet?

To join feedbackmagnet, please give us a call at 1-866-268-2808 or fill out the request form here.